Seven Laundromat Tips When Washing Your Clothes To A Coin Laundry

Nowadays, household laundries are preferred to be washed on laundromat for Top 3 Reasons:
1. Save energy cost – with the ever rising cost of hydro and gas, I could save a lot when I wash our clothes periodically (i.e. weekly or bi-weekly)
and then allot a coin budget to load it at once through a laundromat near me.
2. Save time – if you usually do your laundry daily or every other day, you have to allot at least 30 mins for 1 load of washer to run and another 30-45 mins for the dryer!
This means that approximate 1.5 to 2 hours including folding per wash day. If you wash 3 times a week or 3 times a week, then it will cost you the same time you could attend to your yoga class instead or do some other chores.
3. Save effort  in circling through the basement or the laundry room – lets face it, even if we just load the laundry and then come back later for the drying or folding, we often forget about it. We soon realized that the clothes have been left in the washer for sometime. This could produce unpleasant smell on your clothes, leaving them within a closed washer, even after we dry these.  So this piles up with other worries from the back of our minds on a daily or twice a week basis.  (Unless we put some timer or alarm, to pull out the laundry from the washers) 🙂

So bottom-line, majority of our friends have found that seeking a cozy and clean laundromat, could save the dreaded laundry day.

Laundromat Tips and Tricks

Laundromat Tips and Tricks

Just consider these laundromat tips to avoid time, money and energy consuming issues during the laundry day.

Carrying your mountain pile of laundry out of your house on a laundry day seriously isn’t fun.

Nevertheless with some guides and tricks below, this dreaded chore will definitely turn a bit easier.

1. Be sure to check the machine before loading your clothes.
Clear away all stuff and items that the person who washed clothes before you may have left behind. An Extra sock may not be a big deal, but some careless customer may have left a lipstick which may stain your clothes. Just something to keep in mind.

2. Smell for left-over bleach.
In case the previous customer have used bleach in his load, you will know by smelling the bleach dispenser or cup. This 2 second move could save your dark clothes. If you would be washing white clothes, this is fine, but if you are going to wash colored clothes, you may want to find another washing machine on the laundromat itself.

3. Eliminate any odors.
Mold and dust are typical in laundromat washers, furthermore, since many people use them, you would never know what your garments may smell like after the rinse cycle. A simple and neat trick is to add a distilled white vinegar to a Downy ball and just toss it within with your load.
It will definitely help in taking away those residual stink from other peoples washes. Not only that, even the smell of your own clothes too! This apply not only when using a laundromat, but when you also use your own washing machine at home. Depending on what your previous load might be, the distilled white vinegar could help your clothes smell fresher.

4. Consider or try-out using detergent pods.
To avoid carrying that heavy bottle, carry a few of these pods within your laundry bag to help make the load or laundry weight lighter and easier on your back.

5. Make sure, that you place a basket in front or at the top of your washer.
Just in case, you need to go out of the laundromat to pick-up some groceries, do a haircut, or sip a coffee, it would be polite to leave your basket behind, to ensure that the next person who may want to use your machine will have a bin to place your washed clothes.
We don’t know for sure that a traffic or something just caught up your time while you were out.

6. Don’t forget to empty the dryer’s lint filter trap.
Before you put your clothes on a dryer, check-out and empty the lint trap. Since most laundromats a self-serve, you may want to have that extra diligence in removing the lint for your clothes to dry faster. A mere 2 mins for this exercise may save your drying time, and save your coins too! No more dropping another quarter just to wait for your wet towels or lines to properly dry.

7. Wring out or shake your clothes as you fold them after drying.
Fold your clothes as you took them off the dryer, to reduce wrinkles. You could also put these on hangers.  If you don’t, then your clothes would be tough to fold and organize.

Photo credit: badjonni / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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